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Breast lift

Are you considering a breast lift in Turkey? This treatment can be a relatively invasive procedure. The doctors in Turkey specialise in this treatment. The firmness of your breasts often decreases due to, among other things, ageing, weight loss and pregnancy/pregnancies. The nipple can begin to hang under the breast fold, while the filling in the upper part of your breasts often disappears completely. With a breast lift, your nipple is moved upwards, an implant can possibly be placed, and your breasts become firmer again.

What are the benefits of a breast lift in Turkey?

  • We perform more than 750 breast lift treatments every year.
  • More than 15 years of experience with this treatment.
  • The most modern equipment and the best results.
  • Personal attention and professional aftercare.
  • The best price/quality ratio in the Netherlands.
  • Always quickly and easily schedule a consultation without obligation via the contact form.

What to know more?

Would you like to know more about a breast lift procedure? Or are you wondering if you too are eligible for this treatment? Then ask the experienced specialists at the Dutch Clinic. If you decide to make an appointment for an initial introduction, we look forward to meeting you in Hoofddorp soon. Are you thinking about having a breast lift in Istanbul, Turkey? Among other things, aging, weight loss and one or more pregnancies can cause your breasts to sag or relax. The filling in the upper part of the breasts has disappeared, a breast fold appears and your nipples are lower than the breast fold. With a breast lift, the excess skin is removed, the nipples are placed upwards and, if desired, an implant is placed for more volume. A breast lift in Turkey is performed by specialised, experienced plastic surgeons.

The breast lift process in Istanbul, Turkey

Before the breast lift, the lines for the incisions are drawn with a marker onto your breasts. The new location of the nipple is also marked off. The procedure itself takes place under general anaesthesia and can be applied in various ways:

  • By an incision around the areola. This technique is used with a small breast lift.
  • Through an incision around the areola and from there straight down to your breast fold, if there are moderately drooping breasts.
  • By an incision in an anchor form. This is chosen for heavily sagging and/or drooping breasts.

The treatment technique that applies to you is explained in detail during the consultation. After making the incisions, the excess skin is removed and the nipple can be moved upwards. After lifting the breast, the incisions are sutured and covered with adhesive plasters. The operation takes 1.5 to 2 hours, after which you will be brought to the recovery room. You stay one night in the clinic, so you can be optimally cared for. The next day, the plastic surgeon will visit you and we will see if you can go back to the hotel. Once the doctor gives you permission to go to the hotel, daily check-ups take place, until the time you can go home. Once you’ve returned to the Netherlands, aftercare takes place at the Dutch Clinic in Hoofddorp. The doctors here are in close contact with the surgeons in Istanbul. In this way, an ideal monitoring and follow-up of your status can take place and you will be in safe hands throughout the entire treatment procedure.

Recovery after a breast lift in Istanbul, Turkey

Your breasts will be swollen after the procedure and your body needs time to recover. For the first 6 weeks you will wear a seamless sports bra, day and night. Wearing a sturdy sports bra benefits wound healing. The tissues can form together and the swelling is reduced. In particular, take it easy during the first two weeks after the breast lift, do not exercise or do heavy physical work. Do not lift heavy groceries or lift your child(ren) in the early stages either. After two weeks you can gently lift again and use some of the strength in your chest muscles. Do not rush anything, and only start exercising again after 6 weeks. The swelling will decrease as the weeks and months pass. The final result is visible after 6 months. Unfortunately, it is not possible to prevent scars, although the plastic surgeon will limit them as much as possible. Fresh scars eventually take on the colour of the surrounding skin, making them less visible. You can use a scar cream to reduce the intensity and visibility of the scar. The new shape of your breasts is almost always permanent, unless you gain a lot of weight, lose weight, experience a pregnancy or further ageing. Due to these, the achieved result may be lost and a new breast lift may be desired.

Breast lift in Turkey or the Netherlands?

The Dutch Clinic offers you the opportunity to travel to an accredited clinic in Istanbul for a breast lift. Both the trip, the stay and the procedure are arranged for you, so that you can optimally focus on recovery after the operation. There is a unique collaboration between doctors and surgeons in Hoofddorp and Istanbul. This means that the procedure that takes place in Turkey is followed up in the Netherlands. Follow-up checks and aftercare take place in Hoofddorp. The cost of the breast lift can thus be offered cheaper than at other clinics. As health insurers do not reimburse the procedure as a matter of course, it is nice to know that you are being treated for an affordable amount by experienced plastic surgeons who are specialised in breast surgery. You will be informed extensively by doctors in the Netherlands about the procedure that will be performed in Istanbul. An interpreter is available during your stay in Turkey, so that you are perfectly able to communicate with the treating surgeon and the nurses.

Free consultation

Have your breasts continued to sag over the years, and do you want to do something about it? Then make an appointment for a free consultation at the Dutch Clinic. During an information meeting, the treatment options and techniques are further explained and a plastic surgeon assesses your situation. You will receive a personal treatment plan and you will receive information about the results that you can expect. It will also be explained what you can expect from your stay in Turkey and the way in which the treatment will proceed. You can make an appointment by contacting us by telephone.

Breast lift in Turkey – Frequently Asked Questions

Below you will find the most frequently asked questions about a breast lift in Istanbul, Turkey. The questions are provided with short answers. Do you have additional or other questions after reading the information? Then please contact us.
The firmness of your breasts often decreases due to, among other things, ageing, weight loss and pregnancy/pregnancies. The nipple can begin to hang under the breast fold, while the filling in the upper part of your breasts often disappears completely. With a breast lift, your nipple is moved upwards, an implant can possibly be placed, and your breasts become firmer again.
Before the procedure, the plastic surgeon marks the skin where the incisions are made and how the nipple will be placed. The treatment method will have been discussed with you. The excess skin is removed and the nipple is then moved upwards. If necessary, the shape of your nipple will also be corrected. After lifting your breast, the incisions are stitched and covered with plasters. Drains and a pressure bandage may be applied if necessary. You will stay in the hospital for the first night. The drain(s) will be removed the following day.
The breast lift is performed under general anaesthesia, so you won’t experience any pain. The wounds may become painful once the procedure has been completed and you may experience a sore feeling in the chest muscle. This post-pain is temporary and will continue to decrease in the days following the breast lift. You can handle the worst of the pain with a painkiller.
Scars after a breast lift are inevitable. The experienced plastic surgeon will accurately determine the locations of the incisions, so that the scars behind are almost inconspicuous. Scarring depends on the extent of the procedure and the technique used. During a consultation with the doctor, you will learn about what you can expect in the area of scarring.
The plastic surgeon removes excess breast tissue during the breast lift. Your breasts may be slightly smaller than before the procedure. Do you want more volume? The breast lift can then be combined with the placement of implants.
After the breast lift, you will not be able to cycle, lift, exercise or drive for a few weeks. Only after two weeks can you carefully begin to build up these and other tasks. You may then also be able to drive again. Physical exertion and heavy work are that time not permitted. If the surgical wounds have healed after 6 weeks, you can then resume your normal work and activities. All this depends on the nature of your work.
You must bear in mind that this will not always be the case. This depends on the treatment method and whether mammary gland tissue is also removed. Doctors recommend that you only have a breast lift if you no longer intend to breastfeed.
Small skin nerves may also be cut while the nipple is being moved. Often the feeling of the nipple is preserved and only occasionally is there a decrease in feeling. In a limited number of cases the nipple becomes hypersensitive due to the breast lift.
Smoking has a negative effect on the blood circulation in your skin. Optimal blood flow is important for recovery after a breast lift. The chance of complications and side effects is considerably higher with smokers than with non-smokers. It is advised to stop smoking at least 6 weeks before and 6 weeks after the planned breast lift.
A breast lift is a relatively safe procedure, with the same risks as any other operation. For example, there is a small chance of infections and post-bleeding. Allergic reactions, poor wound healing and a (temporarily) changed feeling in the nipples may occur. Most women who have a breast lift are not affected by these. Always follow the doctor’s instructions to help ensure a speedy recovery.
The results of the breast lift are long lasting. However, natural body ageing is not brought to a stop. Depending on your age, the breasts change as a result. An increase in weight, going through a pregnancy and surgery also influence the size and shape of your breasts. The results achieved with the breast lift are preserved for years and remain beautiful for a long time with sufficient exercise and a healthy, responsible diet.
It is advised to wear a sturdy, seamless, sports bra after a breast lift. Good support is important for the healing process. In the first weeks you will need to wear this bra 24 hours a day. After 4 weeks you can take off the bra while sleeping. When the first 6 weeks are over and the wounds heal, you can choose to use a normal, well-fitting bra.
At our Dutch Clinic you pay € 2,999 for a breast lift that is performed in Turkey. This amount includes, in addition to the procedure itself, costs for transfers, hotel, hospital, hospital supervision, consultation and aftercare in the Netherlands.
A breast lift usually has no medical indication, therefore falls under the so-called ‘cosmetic procedures’ and is not reimbursed by health insurers.
Medical expenses that you have paid yourself can be deducted from the tax return under certain conditions. You must be able to provide the necessary evidence and statements for this. Do not just deduct the costs, first have a tax consultant inform you. Rules and conditions change regularly at the Tax Authorities. Good advice in advance can prevent any unpleasant misunderstandings, and even a fine, afterwards.


If you have any questions or requests and would like to have direct contact with us, feel free to contact us. We will be happy to answer any questions you may have and to provide you with more information.

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