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Abdominal Wall Surgery

Are you thinking about having an abdominal wall surgery in Istanbul, Turkey? Sagging, stretched skin on your belly can be the result of ageing, weight loss or pregnancy. It seems to be difficult in practice to tighten up the skin, despite an adjusted diet and regular exercise. Abdominal wall surgery results in a tighter, flatter stomach. Incisions are made under the bikini line, so that no scars are visible. Once you’ve had an abdominal wall surgery in Turkey you can go back to the beach full of confidence, with a belly that you will be proud to show off.

Preparing for abdominal wall surgery or mini-abdominal wall surgery in Turkey

Prior to an abdominal wall surgery, a personal consultation will take place at the Dutch Clinic in Hoofddorp. During the consultation, you will talk with a plastic surgeon about the treatment options and the expectations that you may have. The doctor examines and assesses whether, and for which type of abdominal wall surgery, you are eligible. For example, a mini-abdominal wall surgery in Turkey may be sufficient if the slack skin is under your navel. A full-abdominal wall surgery is a more complex surgical procedure in which the navel is also moved. After an abdominal wall surgery, it is often beneficial to stay overnight in the clinic, so that you are assured of optimal care. After the various treatment techniques have been explained, the surgeon will inquire about your health, medicine use and medical background. If necessary, take the original packaging of the medicines that you are taking. An adjusted dosage schedule may be prescribed for the abdominal wall surgery procedure, this is also applicable for blood thinners. The possible risks and complications of an abdominal wall surgery in Turkey will also be explained. After the consultation, it is not necessary to make a decision immediately. Take the time to carefully consider your decision. You can then contact us to arrange and schedule the treatment.

Preparing for abdominal wall surgery or mini-abdominal wall surgery in Turkey

Your trip and stay in Istanbul are arranged by the Dutch Clinic in Hoofddorp. Immediately upon arriving in Istanbul, you will be met and taken to the hotel or clinic. Before the treatment, you will meet an experienced plastic surgeon who will perform the abdominal wall surgery. Photos for your medical records are made and the skin is marked off. The procedure will take place under general anaesthesia. The surgeon starts by making a slightly curved cut above your pubic area, after which both the skin and the fat will be loosened open, up to your ribcage. The navel remains attached to the underlying muscle layer. The stretched-out spaces between the abdominal muscles are reduced, making the abdominal wall tighter. Once the muscles are attached closer together, both excess fat and excess skin can be removed. If necessary, your navel will be re-fastened and secured once again. An abdominal wall surgery takes on average of 1.5 to 2 hours. Upon completion of the procedure, you will be taken to a recovery room where you can wake up quietly. Drains are inserted during the operation to drain off fluid and blood. Regular checks are made in the days that follow in order to monitor recovery. The plastic surgeon will give permission to travel to the Netherlands after a few days. There you will receive follow-up care by an experienced Dutch Clinic doctor.

Risks and side effects of an abdominal wall surgery

Abdominal wall surgery is a relatively safe operation, however, just as with other medical procedures, there is a certain risk of complications. The possible risks and side effects are further explained during the consultation regarding your abdominal wall surgery. For example, you may experience allergic reactions to both the anaesthetics or disinfectants used, and to the wound dressings applied after the procedure. Occasionally, there may be a numb area in the abdomen. This is temporary, the feeling eventually returns. Post-bleeding, infections, swellings and disappointing results are also among the risks. Most of the side effects are temporary. Occasionally, later, after an abdominal wall surgery, skin accumulation may appear at the hips. This phenomenon is also called dog ears. This also disappears over time, however sometimes it may be necessary to remove this accumulation with a local anaesthetic.

Long-term results

The results of an abdominal wall surgery are immediately visible. After the procedure, your belly has less sag and will be a lot flatter. The results continue to develop in the months after the abdominal wall surgery and usually the final result can only be seen and evaluated around a year later. Sometimes a new procedure may be necessary because the abdomen tends to sag again over time. This may be due to ageing and/or a pregnancy. An abdominal wall surgery is recommended when you are at your ideal weight. This means that plastic surgeons sometimes advise you to lose weight first and only then undergo the procedure. Abdominal wall surgery is therefore not to be seen as a method of losing a few excess kilos in a fairly simple way.

Liposuction or abdominal wall surgery abroad

It is often mistakenly thought that an abdominal wall surgery and a liposuction treatment mean the same thing. Both treatment methods vary. The only thing in common is that neither are methods for losing weight. With liposuction, mainly stubborn, local fat deposits are removed, while with an abdominal wall surgery, excess skin is also removed and your belly lifted. Many times, plastic surgeons combine both treatment methods. How these options are applied to you depends, among other things, on the expectations that you have and the opinion of the treating plastic surgeon.

Costs and options

Are you considering abdominal wall surgery, but you find the prices in the Netherlands (too) expensive? The Dutch Clinic offers you the option of plastic surgery in Istanbul, Turkey. Both the preparatory period and aftercare take place in Hoofddorp. Thanks to the unique collaboration of our Dutch doctors with the experienced plastic surgeons in Istanbul, good results are achieved and abdominal wall surgery remains an affordable procedure. Our staff will take care of the trip, the stay and the treatment. Together we ensure that the travel and treatment schedule is well-coordinated. Moreover, an interpreter is available at the clinic in Istanbul, so you are also able to communicate with doctors and nursing staff right on the spot.

Free consultation

Are you bothered by a sagging belly and are you looking for more information about the treatment options? Make an appointment for a free consultation with one of our plastic surgeons.

Abdominal Wall Surgery in Turkey – Frequently Asked Questions

Below you will find the most frequently asked questions about abdominal wall surgery in Istanbul, Turkey. The questions are provided with short answers. Do you have additional or other questions after reading the information? Then please contact us.
A mini-abdominal wall surgery is sufficient if you only have excess skin under the navel. Your navel will not be moved during the procedure. However, if you have excess skin both below and above the navel, an abdominal wall surgery is recommended. This is a larger and more complex procedure that lasts longer than a mini-abdominal wall surgery. During an abdominal wall surgery, it is also possible to attach the abdominal muscles together, so that you get a flatter stomach. Optionally, an abdominal wall surgery can be combined with removing excess fat deposits.
In principle, anyone who has a sagging or weak abdominal wall is eligible for this procedure. The causes for a sagging abdominal wall are ageing, a substantial weight loss and/or pregnancy. An abdominal wall surgery is only performed on adults and you must be in good health. A stable weight is recommended in order to achieve the desired result. If you have large fluctuations in your body weight once you’ve had the abdominal wall surgery, the effect achieved may disappear. The procedure is not a way to quickly lose a few kilos.
An abdominal wall surgery is a major procedure that takes around 2 to 4 hours. After the procedure, you will stay one to two nights in the clinic in order to recover.
Yes. The procedure is performed under general anaesthesia, so that you will not feel anything. The way the anaesthetic is applied will be discussed with you by the anaesthetist.
You will not feel anything during the procedure itself due to the anaesthetic. Post-pain only occurs once the anaesthetic has worn off. People who have undergone the procedure generally indicate that the pain is tolerable and can be effectively treated with a painkiller.
After the procedure, 1 or 2 drains are often inserted to remove excess wound fluid and blood. These will be taken out the next day. After your discharge from the clinic, you will need to wear a supportive corset day and night for 4 weeks. After that, you will wear the corset for a few weeks, only during the day. The corset gives extra support to the area that has been operated on and this benefits recovery. Your abdomen will remain swollen for the first few weeks, with clearly visible bruising. This of course will decrease as time passes.
Rest is the major advice, especially during the first week. Take it easy for 1 to 2 weeks. After two weeks, most people go back to work. You should not do heavy, strenuous work and/or exercise for about 6 weeks. The same applies to swimming and going to a sauna.
The plastic surgeon will make incisions as much as possible in skin folds and under the bikini line. This allows you to cover the scars with underwear or swimwear. The incision and resulting scar around your navel are made in such a way that it is hardly visible after a few months.
Results are immediately visible after the procedure, although perhaps not noticeable to the outside world. When you no longer have to wear the corset after 4 to 6 weeks, most of the swelling will have disappeared. Your body is still not fully recovered from the abdominal wall surgery at that time, however. This can take a few months, when the end result will also be visible.
Stretch marks, among other things resulting from pregnancy, are not removed. It may be possible however that part of the stretch marks become less visible after abdominal wall surgery. In particular, stretch marks that are on parts of the skin that are being removed will of course no longer be present afterwards. A plastic surgeon can explain what the situation may be during the consultation.
Yes, a pregnancy after abdominal wall surgery is possible. As a result of the pregnancy, the skin will stretch, which will affect the outcome of the procedure. It is advised to postpone abdominal wall surgery to a later time, in case you are still planning on having a child.
The plastic surgeons who work at the Dutch Clinic in Istanbul are specialised in abdominal wall surgeries. The combination of knowledge, experience and state-of-the-art equipment ensures consistently high quality. Because the costs for personnel, among other things, are lower in Turkey, an abdominal wall surgery can be offered at an affordable rate.
Abdominal wall surgeries are usually performed for cosmetic reasons. Reimbursement is then unfortunately not possible. Partial reimbursement is sometimes only possible if there is a medical need and/or medical indication. Other options depend on your health insurer and the additional healthcare insurance that you have taken out. The conditions that health insurers apply in the event of a medical necessity are strict. If you do not meet these requirements, then you must pay the costs yourself.
Yes. The Dutch Clinic is affiliated with Cosmetic Finance, a lender specialised in financing cosmetic and medical procedures. A credit is provided after approval of your data. This means that you must provide insight into your financial situation and obligations. Be aware that borrowing costs money and that you often have to make monthly payments for the desired cosmetic procedure for several years.
You will have long-term enjoyment from a successful abdominal wall surgery. A tight stomach is maintained by adjusting your lifestyle and exercising regularly. Make sure you stay at a stable weight. If you gain or lose a lot of weight after the procedure, the skin of the abdomen may become weak and begin to sag again.


If you have any questions or requests and would like to have direct contact with us, feel free to contact us. We will be happy to answer any questions you may have and to provide you with more information.

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