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Laser Eye Treatments

Laser eye treatments in Turkey must of course be safe, and offer good results, which is why we work with the most advanced high-tech equipment and ophthalmologists who are renowned at home and abroad. In this way, we can guarantee eye laser treatments that are fast, extremely accurate and very safe.

Fast, accurate and safe eye laser treatments

Laser eye treatments in Turkey must of course be safe, and offer good results, which is why we work with the most advanced high-tech equipment and ophthalmologists who are renowned at home and abroad. In this way, we can guarantee eye laser treatments that are fast, extremely accurate and very safe.

What are the benefits of laser eye treatment at the Dutch Clinic in Turkey?

  • We perform more than 2,000 laser eye treatments every year.
  • More than 15 years of experience with this treatment.
  • The most modern equipment and the best results.
  • Personal attention and professional aftercare.
  • The best price/quality ratio in the Netherlands.
  • Always quickly and easily schedule a consultation without obligation via the contact form.

Medical examination

No one eye is alike, which is why we offer various eye laser treatments. Of course, you do not have to decide for yourself how to have your eyes laser-treated, we will do that for you. During a free consultation, you will receive a preliminary examination, after which you can undergo the medical preliminary examination if you are fit. In this examination, your eyes will be examined for their suitability for eye laser surgery and which type of treatment we can then recommend. You will also immediately receive the results of the medical examination.

Insight into results

Laser eye surgery is a medical intervention, which is why we apply strict criteria and conduct a careful preliminary medical examination for eye laser treatment. But unlike most other procedures, we are already able to tell you in advance what results the eye laser treatment will achieve per eye, so that you know in advance exactly where you stand.

Your own eye doctor in Turkey

Experienced ophthalmologists who work in our eye clinic will assist you from the first pre-examination to the last check-up. With your own eye doctor, you have the best personal guidance and treatment that you could wish for, right before your eyes.

Costs and options

In the Dutch Clinic in Hoofddorp you can go for various eye laser treatments such as:

  • Intralasik eye laser surgery
  • Lasek eye laser treatment
  • Reading glasses correction
  • Cataract operations
  • Lens implants *

And, of course, we also provide accurate aftercare after every eye laser treatment.

* Operations for lens implants do not take place in our eye clinic in Hoofddorp, but at an eye clinic that we work closely with. However, the medical pre-examinations for this do take place in our own eye clinic.

Contact with the Dutch Clinic

Do you want to know more about the eye laser treatments that we offer at the Dutch Clinic? Then contact us or book a free consultation in which the first preliminary examination will take place.

Eye laser treatments – Frequently Asked Questions

Your eyes are irreplaceable. Therefore, eye laser treatment is not something you just simply have done. We fully understand that. We are therefore there for you to answer all your questions. For your convenience, here on our site, but of course also personally. Is your question not listed here, or do you need more explanation or personal advice? Then contact us or book a free consultation for a preliminary examination. We are happy to help you make an informed decision.
The costs of an eye laser treatment as stated on our site are per eye and all-in. This means that this includes technical and medical preliminary examinations, eye laser treatment and all follow-up checks.
No. The prices on our website are fixed prices. The Dutch Clinic does not make a price difference whether you have a low or high eye strength.
No, the prices on our website are fixed prices. The Dutch Clinic makes no distinction between near and far-sightedness.
If you have near-sightedness, or myopia, then your vision is not good for far away. This eye defect is indicated with a ‘minus’ strength (-). If there is far-sightedness, or hyperopia, your vision is not good for up close. This eye defect is indicated with a ‘plus’ strength (+).
The medical examination is done if the technical examination is positive. This examination takes approximately 1.5 hours. A large number of measurements are taken during the medical examination, such as eye pressure, pupil size and tear quality. A 3D recording is also made of your cornea, the iris, the pupil and part of the eye lens. During a slit-lamp examination, the health of your eyes is examined with a microscope.

The technical examination is the first eye examination that is done to determine whether you meet the minimum requirements for eye laser treatment. The result of this examination indicates with 80% certainty whether your eyes can be lasered. If you meet all the requirements, you can make an appointment, once you’ve completed this examination, for the preliminary medical examination in which it will be determined with 100% certainty whether you are eligible for eye laser treatment.

The technical examination takes about 5 minutes and measures the strength, cornea thickness and the bulging (k value) of your eyes.

If you fully meet the minimum requirements of the technical examination and you have not worn your soft lenses for at least 2 weeks or your hard lenses for at least 4 weeks.
From the first consultation, all measurements are included in your file. After the medical examination, you have a final interview with your eye doctor. Your file will be reviewed and you will be informed whether you are eligible for eye laser treatment. The results of this preliminary medical examination are 100% final.
You can go to the eye doctor with all your questions during the follow-up checks. There are no costs associated with these follow-up checks. If you want more follow-up checks, this can also be arranged.
Your eyesight is one of your senses you would never want to be without, which is why it is very important to have your eyes checked regularly after eye laser treatment. Complications are rare, but if they do occur it is important that the eye doctor detects these at the earliest possible stage.
Very rarely, in less than 2% of all cases, a residual still remains after the eye laser treatment. If it is medically justified, this can be corrected with an after-treatment. You can discuss this with the eye doctor during the follow-up checks.
Of course, we strive to ensure that everyone is completely satisfied. That is why we also ask you to contact us directly with all your questions, comments and any complaints. If it happens that you are not satisfied with the way in which we solve this for you, you can submit your complaint to the complaints committee. More about the complaints procedure will be explained to you if you have been found suitable for the preliminary medical examination. You will then receive an extensive information package describing this procedure.
You can always indicate your preference for a specific eye laser treatment. But the eye doctor makes the final decision as to which eye laser method is best for you.
As with any medical intervention, eye laser treatment entails certain risks, but these are very low. We do guarantee that we work very carefully and according to strict medical protocols to minimise risks.
No, we can never guarantee exact results. But thanks to our years of experience and very reliable equipment, we can predict it very accurately.
A treatment agreement must be signed for each eye laser treatment. We have already put it online for you so that you can go over it in advance.

“Eye laser treatment can be frightening”

Anxiety is not a myth, but it is also not necessary to be afraid of eye laser treatment. The treatment itself is painless and certainly not dangerous. However, you may feel slight pain in the first hours after the treatment. Depending on the type of treatment, the post-pain varies from a few hours to 2 to 3 days and the recovery is usually very fast. In reality, most clients actually think it went better than expected. Do you still have questions, or are you afraid of undergoing the treatment? Then ask your eye doctor. They are happy to give you all the information you need.

“I can go blind resulting from eye laser treatment”

You cannot go blind from eye laser treatment. This is because the treatment takes place on the surface of the cornea. With the laser, we only get into the front of the eye. A person’s eyesight comes from the back of the eye, and we do not go anywhere near there during the treatment. The laser only treats the ‘window’ of the eye and not any of the area behind it.

“I have a low strength with a cylinder, so I am not eligible”

Almost all strengths can be treated with an eye laser treatment. A low strength or cylinder deviation is no reason to not be treated.

“I will need eye laser treatment again after a few years”

This is not true. The results of an eye laser treatment are permanent. You may need reading glasses later because the capacity of the eye lens decreases with age. This is a natural ageing process that cannot be prevented, even with eye laser treatment

“Little is known about any negative effects in the long term”

Since the early 1980s, a great deal of international experience has been gained with laser treatments. Research shows that the cornea recovers well and stably, and that there is no reason to doubt about the effects of the treatment after 20 years. The forerunner of eye laser surgery was successfully performed over 50 years ago and turned out to be completely safe, even though Professor Barraquer’s technology was nowhere near contemporary technology in terms of accuracy and safety.

“The treatment is expensive”

Eye laser treatment is costly because we work with very high technology and a lot of attention is given to the safety of the treatment. We cannot and do not want to cut back on that. In addition, we have a 24-hour availability service and the best and most experienced ophthalmologists.

They not only carry out the treatment, but also the preliminary examinations and all checks, so that we can be sure that your eyes are taken care of in the best way possible. This careful approach is expensive, but eye laser treatment is a one-off investment. The costs for glasses or lenses, on the other hand, keep coming back.


If you have any questions or requests and would like to have direct contact with us, feel free to contact us. We will be happy to answer any questions you may have and to provide you with more information.

Free consultation

Request a free consultation and learn more about our range of treatments, doctors and hospitals. We can help you decide what’s best for your vision!

Request a free consultation

Request a free consultation and learn more about our range of treatments, doctors and hospitals. We can help you decide what’s best for your vision!
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